Metal Processing is your one stop job shop for investment casting cleaning.

Our unique process is used specifically for the removal of investment shell and silica based coring. The use of our molten

salt bath allows for the cleaning of intricate passageways, traditional cleaning techniques cannot effectively achieve these results. Our casting cleaning process is fast, safe and more efficient than any mechanical method in use today.


  • Our process WILL NOT: Harm substrate material OR affect dimensional integrity
  • The option to take on complicated and intricate pours is now a reality
  • You can now  STOP ancient and tedious shell removal methods such as water blasting, media blasting, hammering or vibration
  • We can achieve 100% removal of investment shell and silica based coring

Metal Processing, LLC.

Investment Casting Shell Removal

Investment Casting Shell Removal Specialists

Castings Before and After Shell Removal Process

Time is a precious commodity, we take pride in offering a 5-10 business day turn around on all castings that come through our door. Due to the fact that we are a job shop, rush orders are welcome but will be charged a flat expedite fee.

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